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Your goal is achievable thanks to our mix of science, technology and professional coaching.

This is Switch.

Our 55-minute heart rate-based full-body workouts (cardio and strength) have one goal: results! With our technology you can see your progress live on the screens during the workout. You run, row and use weights in several rounds. Every day is a different unique SWITCH workout, so you will never be bored! Are you willing to burn 1,000 calories per workout? View our studios now for a location nearby.

Workout under the guidance of professional Personal Trainers.
No long-term contracts, memberships can always be canceled monthly.
The workouts are accessible for every level, both beginners and advanced.

accessible for every level.

Are you already very fit or would you like to get fitter? You can join at any time and at any level. Our training sessions are not mutual competition, but a personal process. We indicate when you can go a little faster or take a step back. That is why you never do anything that is beyond your capabilities.

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training with a heart rate belt.

Each workout consists of a cardio and strength part. Different devices and attributes are used for this. Think of treadmills, rowing machines, a HIIT bench and weights. All exercises are shown by your coach. During your training you wear a heart rate belt. If you exercise in the right heart rate zone, you will achieve the maximum result. That is why we focus on your heart rate during training, which you can see directly on a screen.

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Review from
I used to exercise twice a week but I was not challenged at my previous gym. My contract expired and I was looking for something new. I have been training at SWITCH for two months now and I am positively surprised. I am challenged every workout and I now feel stronger and fitter. There is an energetic and positive atmosphere in the club and I am not committed to any long-term contract. - Eindhoven -
To be honest, I doubted if SWITCH was something for me. It looked quite intensive and I have little sport experience and often suffer from injuries. After the first trial lesson I was immediately reassured. We are now working together on my goals and at my own pace. The trainers take the time and are keen to help me further. My condition has improved considerably in a short time! - Veldhoven -
I find working out often an obligation and it is difficult to stay motivated. A friend pointed me to SWITCH a while ago and I booked a trial lesson with her. We were given a heart rate belt, so that we could immediately see our results on the screens during the workout. It motivated me to get the best out of myself and I do that three times a week while having a great time. Thanks guys! - Eindhoven -
Your goal is achievable thanks to our mix of science, technology and professional coaching.


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