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Wat makes SWITCH - the gym unique?
SWITCH combines science, technology, light and sound in the lessons, giving you a unique experience. In addition, our personal trainers are ready to turn your workout into a party.
How am I received as a starting athlete?
Our membership consultants will show you around the club and introduce you to the Personal Trainers so that they know that you need more attention during the first few lessons.
How can I register for a workout?
This is possible both via the SWITCH app and via the website.
Will the class continue even if there are few registrations?
The lesson will always continue even if only 1 person is enrolled.
Are there showers available?
There are showers available. You don't have to bring a towel. We wil provide you one.
What can I expect in the training courses?
SWITCH is a HIIT concept, which means a combination of both cardio and strength training. We use 3 different training stations. Every day we have a new workout that is compiled based on the science and experience of our Personal Trainers.
Can pregnant women also train at SWITCH?
Pregnant women can participate in the workouts with us. (Unless the doctor has advised that it is not wise to exercise). If this is the case, it is possible to pause the membership.
What is done with the dates of my training sessions in the lessons?
All data collected during the workout will be linked back to your personal profile in the app. Here you can see your progression but also book your next session.
How is my heart rate measured?
Your heart rate is measured by a heart rate monitor. This is a band around your waist.
Do I have to purchase the heart rate monitor myself?
The heart rate monitors are both for sale and for rent, ask the club about the possibilities.
Is it mandatory to buy a heart rate monitor?
No, it is also possible to rent the heart rate monitor from us. You can also train without a heart rate monitor, but that is not our preference.
Are there lockers available?
There are lockers in the changing rooms that are large enough to store your sports bag. We also have lockers in the waiting room for smaller items.
What if the lesson I want to follow is already full?
We work with a waiting list. If someone deregisters for the lesson that is already full, the next one in the queue will be invited to take over this place.
Do I have to bring my own towel?
No, at SWITCH we provide your towels.
Can I exercise individually?
You cannot exercise individually at SWITCH. We believe that we can motivate our members better in groups and that we work harder. We also find this much more enjoyable.
I have an injury can I train at SWITCH?
Yes, there are certainly possibilities for this. The membership consultants can discuss this with you.
From what age can I train at SWITCH?
You can train at SWITCH from the age of 16.


Where can I register with SWITCH?
You can register via the website or walk in with us and register at the desk.
Are there registration fees that I have to pay?
You do not have to pay registration fees.
How long have I been tied to my subscription?
All SWITCH memberships can be canceled monthly and have a cancellation period of 1 month.
Do I have to purchase the heart rate monitor myself?
We sell and rent the heart rate monitors. The heart rate belt is a unique tool to help you coach better. Training without a band is also possible but is not our preference.
How can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership with us at the counter.
What do you do with my personal information?
We follow the GDPR legislation for this and treat your data confidentially.
Can I temporarily freeze or pause my subscription?
It is possible to temporarily freeze or pause your subscription, contact the membership consultant for this.

Is your question not listed? Please contact us via info@switchthegym.nl