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It's all about technology.

In the gym of the future, it’s all about data. Concrete goals, performance measurements and SWITCH points guide you towards your desired results. Your progress is tracked and recorded in the app. That’s how we prove that you’re making progress. 

heart rate band

With our heart rate band – which is 99.4% accurate – on your chest, we track your heart rate in real time. During the workout, you can always see if you’re in the right heart rate zone. That way, you always exercise at the right intensity. Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed report with which to track your progress. 

It's about you

With the heart rate monitors, we tailor a workout to your personal ability. The coach sees when you can step it up or when you should take it down a notch. So you never go beyond what you’re capable of. It’s not a competition with others; it’s a personal process. 

Connected with the app

Measurements give you information, and measurements mean improvement. Use our mobile app as your digital coach. After your training, you’ll see all the ins and outs of your performance. The statistics provide the hard proof that you are getting results and getting closer to your goal. 

THE app.

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