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The SWITCH - the gym workout was designed with one goal in mind: your goal. With our technology, you can see the results and fitness programmes are optimally customised to fit you. No group training has ever been this personal.

1 Hour

Just one hour

Busy schedule? Make the most of your exercise time with our full-body workout. You only need one hour to reach maximum results.

Get results together

Do you know the feeling of stepping into a new gym and not knowing where to start? That won’t be a problem at SWITCH - the gym. We believe that you can only get the best results with proper coaching. Our coaches assist you and offer good advice. They make sure you complete your workout feeling great.

Track your progress

Based on concrete goals, measurements and SWITCH points, you achieve your desired results. Your progress is tracked and recorded in the app. That’s how we prove that you’re making progress.
Switch is
fun and results.
Custom playlists.
SWITCH - the gym offers an alternative to boring fitness routines. Variety, tight beats and a fun workout keep you going.
We are more than a workout: we are an experience. In motivating groups, you have the overwhelming feeling that you are not alone.
Our playlists are great fuel for a high-energy workout. At SWITCH - the gym, we have tight beats to inspire you to give it your all.

THE app.

Get connected! Book workouts, view statistics and see your progress. Get the app now!



We set high standards for our personal coaches. SWITCH has its own in-house academy where we train and train our coaches so that you can work safely and responsibly. Our qualified coaches always know how to encourage you and guide you successfully to your goal. The fun of a group session with the effect of personal training.


Our revolutionary tracking method shows performance measurements in real time. You can see if your heart rate is in the right zone and how many calories you’re burning. With this data, your coach knows when to push you, or when it’s time to take it down a notch. 


Everyone knows exercise is good for you. Research shows that you get maximum benefits from exercising in the right heart rate zone. That’s why our training focuses on heart rate zones. The more intense the workout, the longer you burn calories after exercising.

SWITCH points.

The harder you exercise, the more points you collect! SWITCH points provide insight into your goals and motivate you. With SWITCH points everyone is aligned, so that the effort of beginners is comparable to the effort of top athletes.


The goal is to achieve at least 1300 SWITCH points every month. There are 5 different color zones. Each of these zones represents a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). This MHR is specifically calculated based on your efforts.

Your efforts and that of others can be seen on screens during your workout. You receive SWITCH points for every minute you train in your personal intensity zones. The more effort, the more SWITCH points! The goal is certainly not always to be in the red zone. Personal goals, challenges and rankings are all based on SWITCH points.

SWITCH points provide insight into your goals and motivate you.

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